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First off, let’s start with a little bit of history and information about the iPhone X and how it differs from previous generations. The iPhone X has what is called an OLED screen. You may have heard that term with other phones, computers, and more than likely in the TV industry. Samsung devices have been using AMOLED screens dating back to the S2 and S3 devices. The technology is a bit different with OLED screens. The specifics I’ll save for another post. However, OLED screen technology has improved so much over the years in both brightness and clarity. Therefore, the majority of all new phones now use this tech.

When hunting for an iPhone X Repair, make sure that the service provider uses an OLED screen, even if aftermarket or refurbished. Some parts on the market utilize old LCD technology but fit and function on devices that originally came with OLED screens. While LCD’s serve as still great technology and many devices use this type of tech, the LCD screen is not as bright as the OLED screen. In other words, if you’re trying to save a buck or two the LCD will work fine. However, the iPhone X costs a lot and provides high-end performance, and you’d be sacrificing this performance and quality to save a few dollars.

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