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iPhone Screen Repair Shop-Shoosing One VS Apple Store

We Use Genuine Part # 1 Year Warranty

Is getting an iPhone Screen Repair at a 3rd party right for you vs going to the Apple Store?

For some customers it comes down to the best deal. Another customer may have concerns about the quality of parts + voiding the warranty is also a factor in many consumers decision about where to get their apple device repaired. Convenience is also a major factor.

Getting an appointment at the apple store can be a challenge. In some cases (depending on how busy apple is) it can be up to two weeks to get an appointment. When glass is cutting your hand or your iPhone is not working properly, this is not an option.

Our iPhone repair shops offers a lifetime warranty on apple parts. We also spend considerable time sourcing high quality parts and then we stand behind them.

According to apple’s warranty policy, having a third party repair your device voids the warranty, however, so does cracking the screen. However, the trick is if you get it repaired by them, it restores your warranty. Right now there a 5 bills in 5 different states called the “Right to Repair Bill”, that will eliminate these restrictions and require apple to make manuals and make apple parts available to the public and 3rd party repair shops. Lets see what happens with this one.

Fix & Style Mobile Device Repair Center is extremely convenient. Most iPhone screen repairs are same day and while you can make an appointment, you don’t need to and if you did, it wouldn’t take a week to 2 weeks to get you in, although that we be good for us as a business but currently we specialize in our field, so that makes us available to serve our customers with premium care.

For any further questions about your iPhone screen repair, feel free to call the guys at iCanFixIt Repair Center or email us repair@icanfixit.com.au

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