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iPhone Screen Repair Glass & LCD Replacement

iPhone Screen Repair Available At iCanFixIt

Why are there different prices for the iPhone Screen Repair?

Many of our customers ask us why the price is different for an iPhone screen repair if only the glass is broken vs the glass and the lcd being broken. The simple answer is that on the iPhone, the glass, digitizer and lcd are all one piece. if only the glass on the iPhone is cracked, then the digitizer and lcd can be salvaged. How can the digitizer and lcd on the iPhone be salvaged when it’s all one piece? That’s the magic question. When we do the screen replacement for the iPhone the customer does receive a brand new digitizer and lcd on their new part. The old lcd and digitizer we keep and we recycle it. Yes, we get paid for recycling the iPhone cracked screens. The neat thing is that we pass on the savings to our customers and this is why the prices are different if your glass and lcd are broken.

Essentially if your digitizer and lcd is broken, then there is no savings to pass on to you for the iPhone 7 screen repair, therefore the price ends up being higher for this repair.

For more info on iPhone Screen Repair, please call us at 03 9663 9998

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