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10 Reasons iPhone & iPad Screens Crack

The obvious everyday “drop of the iPhone” and iPad tops the list.  Often people just have too much in their hands while they are carrying their phone.  We hear so many stories about situations like this where people are putting kids in the car, carrying groceries, phone slips out of the hand, and on and on and on…..The dog bit it.  Yes this happens.  Not as frequently as others but it definitely happens.  Dogs are attracted to technology also.2-3ft drop on carpet.  Unbelievable right!  But this does happen.  When your iPhone screen breaks fter being repaired it’s the parts fault (not really).  When it happens before the 1st repair, can’t blame that one on the repair shop.  Point is, it happens and it has nothing to do with cheap parts.Slammed in the trunk of the car.  This usually does some serious damage the iPhone screen and the frame of the phone.  Usually bends the frame of the iPhone in some form or fashion, however, the iPhone is usually still repairable. A child slammed the iPhone down and cracked the screen on his iPhone because he got beat at the video game and got mad.  Personally, I would make him go without getting the iPhone repaired or make him pay for it him self but that’s me.  Hopefully, he didn’t slam hard enough to damage the motherboard.Extreme temperature change.  For example, going from really hot to really cold can cause an iPhone screen to crack.  Sometimes customers will walk away from their phone after sitting it on a table, return to it to find their is a crack in their screen.I was snapping on my case and my iPhone screen cracked.  Sadly, this happens more often than you might think.  You’re putting a screen on your phone to protect it and then it cracks.  This is definitely frustrating.I forgot my iPhone was in my back pocket and I cracked the screen.  Be careful on this one because you can bend your iPhone as well which can subsequently bend your motherboard and cause more damage. My boyfriend or girlfriend threw my iPhone up against the wall and cracked the screen badly.   What can I say?  Can’t we all just get along.Last but not least.  I forgot my iPhone on the roof of my car and it got ran over my by a car.  No worries, i can fix your iPhone.

For questions about fixing your iPhone, iPad or any other device, please feel free to call for a free consultation.  We can reached at 03 9663 9998 or you can email us at

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